Forbes: Why A Pandemic Is The Perfect Time To Start A Business

In March, as businesses across the country were shutting down, serial entrepreneur Greg Kihlstrom, CEO of CareerGig, was just getting started. He was assembling a virtual team to launch a new company to connect companies looking to hire freelance workers with freelance workers, looking for the freedom of a gig and the benefits typically associated with a full-time job.

Friends and colleagues practiced “radical candor” and asked him, more than once, what the heck he was thinking, launching a new business when the world seemed to be coming to an end.

That didn’t stop Kihlstrom from moving forward. He saw opportunities, where others saw doom and gloom. Here’s what he told anyone who asked, “CareerGig is what is needed at this moment in time, and in the growing freelance economy, which is estimated to be over 50% of the U.S. workforce by 2027.” And with that, he was off to the races.

Given the number of people who’ve recently found themselves unemployed, many will undoubtedly take this opportunity to leap into the world of entrepreneurship.

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