Podcast Park: The Agile Workforce by Greg Kihlström Looks at the Future of Work

The Agile Workforce is the new book by Greg Kihlström, customer and employee experience thought leader, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. The book discusses the future of work, and how humans and AI-driven machines will work together to create our future. It also describes the rise of the freelance economy, and how remote work, gig workers, and a global mindset will transform the traditional workplace into a hybrid model where the best of all worlds can be combined for the benefit of individuals and companies alike.

“I’m thrilled to contribute to the conversation about the future of work, and wanted to share my perspective on how the freelance economy, increased automation, and a growing hybrid and distributed workforce is shaping the relationship between individuals and employers,” said Kihlström.

The Agile Workforce is the fourth book in Kihlström’s Agile series, which started with 2016’s The Agile Web, exploring how the agile methodology applied properly website design, can create dramatic improvements in their efforts. 2018’s The Agile Brand explored how brands that embrace consumer feedback and create a “living” brand that evolves over time while staying true to its values. In 2019, Kihlström released The Agile Consumer, which gives practical examples of how agile thinking and approaches, as well as a shift in consumer behavior, are changing the brand-consumer relationship with the opportunity for better outcomes for both.

The Agile Workforce is available in print and as an ebook from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and as an ebook from Apple Books. You can read more on The Agile World website.

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