FCA Blog: A Talk with Greg Kihlstrom, Customer and Employee Experience Expert


Farrelly-Caizzone & Associates had the opportunity to interview Greg Kihlstrom, a customer and employee experience and digital transformation expert, best selling author, and speaker.

Greg Kihlstrom is a customer and employee experience and digital tranformation expert. His mission is:

to find better ways to connect people to the things they value most through product, partnership, and experience strategy.

Greg during the years has become a very influential person in his sector. He won a lot of awards and he also has created a few success start up.

Greg is also a best-selling author. He wrote seven books about employee experience, customer experience, and the evolution of branding and marketing.

The last book “The Agile Workforce” (2021) focuses on the future of work and on how humans and AI-driven machines will work together to create our future. This book belongs to the Agile series of books.

He is an entrepreneur and a very famous speaker. He has worked with some of the world’s leading organizations on customer experience, employee experience, and digital transformation initiatives including Coca-Cola, FedEx, Marriot, MTV, Starbucks.

In early 2019 He launched his podcast “The Agile World” that discusses brand strategy, marketing and customer experience.

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