Version Next, Now by TEKsystems, Season 3

The Agile Brand with Greg Kihlström podcast is proud to partner with TEKsystems to share this series about how the application of decision intelligence creates opportunities to transform the business with data in association with TEKsystems’ flagship publication Version Next, Now.

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Part 4: Architecting a New Talent Experience

We are proud to partner with TEKsystems to share this three-part series about the talent strategies required to address the looming skills gap, build the future workforce and accelerate transformation in association with TEKsystems’ flagship publication Version Next, Now.

Organizations must adapt their talent strategies, so they can acquire and cultivate the skills they need to grow their business for the future. To get there, companies must architect a new talent experience.

Leaders from TEKsystems share their points of view on how organizations can drive meaningful change in their diversity, inclusion and equity programs, future proof their workforce with the right upskilling approach and think differently about how they engage talent.

Part 3: Reshaping the World of Work

For years, organizations have leveraged business intelligence dashboards to help users make data-driven decisions. Unfortunately, often the analytics platforms are chosen to fit the data rather than leading with what the company is trying to solve for. The sheer volume of data and lack of context provided can lead to poor decisions and less than ideal outcomes. That’s where decision intelligence comes in.

Leaders from TEKsystems share their points of view on how organizations are incorporating AI and machine-learning technologies to transform their business intelligence platforms into powerful tools that optimize the decision-making process, create agility and drive the business forward.

The future of work blurs the lines between physical and digital environments. Employees expect employers to provide a seamless user experience where they can work from anywhere, on any device. But the journey to transforming the employee experience is beset with complexity.

Leaders from TEKsystems share their points of view on how reimagining the digital workplace presents a unique opportunity for organizations to create more effective operating models and more engaging employee experiences.

Part 2: Transform Your Data with Machine Learning and AI

Organizations are inundated with data from a myriad of sources. Data is generated from customer, vendor and client interactions, from device sensors, software and application telemetry—and the list goes on. Data is the heart of today’s digital enterprise and having a data strategy is critical to being successful. Companies often start with technology solutions to unlock the value concealed in their data, but the humans tasked with applying that tech can quickly become overwhelmed.

That’s why savvy organizations are accelerating the use of artificial intelligence and machine-learning technologies in an attempt to harness their data more effectively. Successful ML adoption requires a holistic cultural and mindset shift, wherein every corner of the organization understands how a data-driven approach will move the company forward. Enter machine-learning operations (MLOps).

Leaders from TEKsystems discuss the importance of taking the right platform-based approach so your business can enable MLOps and realize the true value of AI and ML at scale.

Part 1:
Unified Digital Experiences at Scale

The global pandemic has clearly changed customer behaviors—perhaps permanently. Brands must quickly evolve their approach to address those changes if they haven’t already. Organizations can drive growth as they bridge their digital and customer experience (CX) strategy, but only if they understand and execute on the following:

  1. Agility is the key to success: Reaching customers with personalized content at the right time, and in the right context, is critical for survival.
  2. Connecting digital and physical experiences: Orchestrating brand experiences across digital and physical experiences fuels customer delight.
  3. Use data to drive decisions: The pandemic highlighted how quickly customer behaviors can change and made clear that brands must use data-driven insights to inform strategic decision-making.

Leaders from One North, a TEKsystems company, share their points of view on how organizations can elevate the customer experience. They share insight on, improving agility, orchestrating experiences across digital and physical domains, and how your data strategy should drive personalization.