Version Next, Now by TEKsystems, Season 4

The Agile Brand with Greg Kihlström podcast is proud to partner with TEKsystems to share this series about how the application of decision intelligence creates opportunities to transform the business with data in association with TEKsystems’ flagship publication Version Next, Now.

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Part 2: Achieving Business Agility: How to Build a Digitally Resilient Enterprise

To create and maintain a competitive advantage in a postpandemic world, businesses must modernize by building digital resilience and embracing transformation. TEKsystems leaders share how building agility and shaping mindsets offer the key to successfully modernizing the business.

Part 1: Mind and the Machine: The Age of Decision Intelligence

For years, organizations have leveraged business intelligence dashboards to help users make data-driven decisions. Unfortunately, often the analytics platforms are chosen to fit the data rather than leading with what the company is trying to solve for. The sheer volume of data and lack of context provided can lead to poor decisions and less than ideal outcomes. That’s where decision intelligence comes in.

Leaders from TEKsystems share their points of view on how organizations are incorporating AI and machine-learning technologies to transform their business intelligence platforms into powerful tools that optimize the decision-making process, create agility and drive the business forward.