Daily Scrum and Standup (Scrum Element


The daily scrum is a more formal meeting of the working team within a Sprint, led by the scrum master, a role we will learn more about shortly, and follows a 15 minute timeframe.

By contrast, the standup meeting is a little less formal, and includes a larger team, including stakeholders like the product owner. The standup meeting gets its name because it is a short meeting in which the team members shouldn’t have time to sit down and get comfortable – if people are standing they will want to keep the meeting brief.

The standup is not intended to be a full report-out of everything happening. Instead, It is a chance for team members to answer three questions:

  • What did you accomplish yesterday?
  • What will you work on today? 
  • And, are there any blockers in your way?

It is also important that the entire team can attend, because direct communication is essential and one of the core principles of the agile approach.

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