B2B Agility with Greg Kihlström Podcast

B2B Agility with Greg Kihlström podcast

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The show launches January 2, 2024!

Looking at the factors that drive business innovation and growth

From the creators and host of the award-winning The Agile Brand with Greg Kihlström podcast, comes B2B Agility, a podcast focused on how B2B marketers and the brands they represent become category leaders and drive optimal results.

The show will look at B2B success in a variety of ways, all with a focus on the intersection of sales, marketing & technology. Guests will represent brands, consultancies, and platforms that enable B2B marketers to do their best work.

B2B Agility with Greg Kihlström podcast

Host: Greg Kihlström

Greg is the host of the award-winning podcast The Agile Brand with Greg Kihlström and a best-selling author, speaker and advisor to Fortune 1000 companies. The Agile Brand podcast is a Top 25 Marketing podcast on Apple, and now in its 5th year with 400+ episodes and millions of downloads.

The B2B Agility podcast is presented by The Agile Brand and produced by Missing Link—a Latina-owned strategy-driven, creatively fueled production co-op. From ideation to creation,  they craft human connections through intelligent, engaging and informative content.

Articles & Podcast Episodes

Season 1 is coming soon