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Discover our best-selling marketing technology books that explore the areas of martech that leaders—and aspiring leaders—need to master

Whether it is the internationally best-selling Agile Brand Guides book series of marketing technology books, of Greg Kihlström’s House of the Customer series, our books provide marketers with the ideas and insights they need to lead their brands towards the North Star of a 1:1 omnichannel personalized customer experience of the future.

The Agile Brand Guide

MarTech Books by Greg Kihlström

The Agile Brand Guide to Generative AI - a marketing technology book by Greg Kihlström
House of the Customer by Greg Kihlstrom explores the customer experience of the future

The Best-Selling Marketing Technology Book Series

One of Thinkers360’s “Top 50 Books to Read in 2024”

The internationally best-selling Agile Brand Guides book series of marketing technology books provides marketers with the knowledge, insights, and ideas to create a better customer experience for their brands.

The series aims to teach marketing leaders and aspiring leaders about pressing topics in the industry in 3 hours or less, through a variety of mediums: print, digital, audio, and online courses. Written by best-selling author and MarTech and CX thought leader Greg Kihlström, the series features forewords by industry leaders from brands such as IBM, Verizon Business, CSG, Lytics, Kin + Carta, and more.

More Books in The Agile Brand Guide Series of Marketing Technology Books Coming Soon

The House of the Customer Series

“Required Reading” —Destination CRM

The best-selling series from best-selling author Greg Kihlström

Building the enterprise of the future requires alignment of people, processes, data, and platforms. Discover the book series created for the future of business.

  • House of the Customer: A Blueprint for the 1:1 Customer-first, Employee-Driven Business Transformation
  • Meaningful Measurement of the Customer Experience, 2nd Edition
  • The Center of Experience: A Blueprint for Creating the Experience-Led Enterprise, 2nd Edition
  • Coming soon: Engine of the Enterprise
Priority is Action by Greg Kihlström

Priority is Action

“Brilliant” —Annette Franz, CCXP

“The perfect reminder to not be so busy that you forget what and who are important to your organization.”
—Lisa Routel, Chief Strategy Officer at BioOx

Priority is Action by Greg Kihlström challenges the notion that stating our priorities is enough to make a difference. Instead, action on priorities is the difference between industry leaders and laggards.

Building the Composable Future

The Composable Roadmap, by Chad Solomonson and Greg Kihlström

Solomonson and Kihlström dissect the concept of composable systems—where businesses can swiftly adapt and reconfigure their digital assets to meet changing demands without being bogged down by legacy constraints. The beauty of this book lies in its clarity and practicality.

While some marketing technology books scratch the surface of the composable approach that many organizations are evaluating, this book dives deep and gives practical advice for those wanting to get started.