The Agile Brand Guide to Generative AI

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Effective use of data in the physical retail environment

May 5, 20243 min read

Data monetization in retail refers to the process of leveraging the data collected by brick and mortar stores to generate…

Approaching headless and composable commerce

May 5, 20244 min read

Headless and composable commerce is a revolutionary approach to e-commerce that is transforming the way brands build and manage their…

Balancing personalized experiences with data privacy considerations

May 5, 20243 min read

A critically important aspect to consider when implementing personalized marketing is striking the right balance between collecting and using data…

Think of AI as a content partner

May 5, 20244 min read

Content creation has become a crucial aspect of marketing strategies. With the rise of generative artificial intelligence (AI), marketers now…

Product leaders need customer empathy

May 5, 20242 min read

Product leaders need customer empathy in order to build more customer-centric experiences. This means understanding the actual problems that customers…