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The Retailer's Guide to Building the Composable Roadmap

The Retailer’s Guide to Building the Composable Roadmap

By RDA & The Agile Brand Guide

This Retailer Guide To Building A Composable Roadmap is an action plan for innovation and agility in a modern digital marketplace. Commerce, Marketing Operations and IT leaders are all looking to simplify technical debt and to build a sustainable infrastructure for their organizations.

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Building a customer-centered digital consultancy white paper

Building a Customer-Centered Digital Consultancy

By Sitecore, RDA, and The Agile Brand Guide

Planning and implementing  meaningful CX measurements to reduce risks while creating  greater business value in professional services.Read how one digital consultancy created and executed a plan to improve its customer experience to benefit both its customer outcomes as well as business value.

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Agile Digital Transformation by GK5A

Agile Digital Transformation

By GK5A & The Agile Brand Guide

Improving customer experience through agile digital transformation: Designing, implementing, and managing meaningful change for a customer-centric organizationThis white paper was created by leading consultancy GK5A to discuss best practices and approaches to Digital Transformation

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