White Paper: Building a customer-centered digital consultancy

Building a customer-centered digital consultancy white paper

Explore why CX is important for digital consultancies and their customers

From Sitecore, RDA, and The Agile Brand Guide comes a new white paper that explores how a digital consultancy, or any professional services firm, can take actionable steps to improve its customer experience to the benefit of its customers and the business.

Customer experience is widely acknowledged as a primary point of competitive advantage and differentiation. When done well, it creates category leaders, and when CX is lacking, it creates opportunities for competitors.

The investments that brands make in their digital experience and marketing technology infrastructure can make significant contributions to their overall customer experience. But making the most of those investments often requires working with a digital consultancy to assist with the strategy and implementation of tools and platforms that end customers will benefit from.

Hiring the right digital consultancy to assist with these critical projects has a major impact on the potential outcomes, yet the customer experience that the brand has with their digital consultancy is rarely a prime consideration. For such a critical relationship, however, it can make the difference between a project that is successful and one that misses timing, budget, and ROI expectations, while causing the end customer experience to suffer.

This white paper looks at how one Sitecore partner invested in improving, evaluating, and optimizing the customer experience to drive greater short- and long-term customer value, while simultaneously building greater value for its business.

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