Brand the Change with Bonnie Habyan

Brand the Change with Bonnie Habyan

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Brand the Change with Bonnie Habyan

The Innovation Economy: Brand the Change

Leveraging workplace superpowers to drive growth.

The Brand the Change series focuses on how intrapreneurs and engaged employees can leverage their personal brand and superpowers to support their company, secure their own future, and create unprecedented value. 

The Innovation Economy: Brand the Change will feature 12 guests and topics over the course of a year that will talk about  the current limitless runway provided by the digital landscape and how employees can leverage their superpowers and personal brand in rapidly changing corporate America to support measurable growth and impact like never before.

About the Host

Host: Bonnie Habyan is a marketer, author, speaker, and content creator. She is a brand specialist and during her career has worked with CEOs and private and public companies across many industries to develop differentiating strategies to elevate and position businesses for success.

She is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at X-Caliber, a nationally recognized commercial real estate financial services company. 

Along with her expertise, she brings enormous passion and energy to every challenge and opportunity. She loves what she does, and it shows.