Podcast Guest Guide

Thanks for participating in one of our podcasts! Here are some things you should know:

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Before the Interview

About the show

  • The show is usually about 20-25 minutes long. Your interview may run a little under or over this.
  • The recording is audio-only without video. This is done to approximate the way the listener will experience the episode as much as possible.
  • You will receive a set of proposed questions via email at least 2-3 weeks ahead of your interview. You can use this to review or suggest changes.

Sign the release?

Just in case you haven’t yet, please download and sign this document.

Questions? Need to Reschedule?

  • No problem! Just send us an email at contact@theagilebrand.com and we’ll coordinate with you.

Recording tips

  • If possible, record in a quiet space with carpet and that doesn’t have too much echo
  • (for video) Record with daylight or with a lamp in front of you. The strongest light source should be in front of you, not behind you.
  • Turn off all notifications on your cellphone, iPad, Surface, Watch etc…
  • Try to stay still in your chair with your feet planted. Avoid moving things around on your desk. If you print your notes on paper, move them around as silently as possible too. 
  • If possible, use a computer with Google Chrome – it works better with our recording platform Zencastr

Your Computer

  1. Use a computer with the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser that is up-to-date.
  2. Temporarily turn off any VPNs, browser extensions, content blockers, or firewalls.
  3. Ensure a stable internet connection. You can test it here.
  4. Temporarily turn off your computer’s screensaver or its sleep mode setting.
  5. During the recording, close other browser tabs and applications, especially any that require a lot of your computer’s processing power or that use your microphone or camera.
  6. Close applications that make sounds, such as Email, Slack, Teams, LinkedIn, Facebook and others that make noises when there is a notification

Audio & Video

  1. Wear headphones to prevent echo and increase overall audio quality.
  2. Use an external microphone rather than your device’s built-in mic. We recommend a wired microphone. However, a wireless microphone or a microphone built into wired headphones is also suitable.
  3. Remember, the closer you are to the mic, the louder your voice will sound. 
  4. Before recording, check and adjust your micophone sensitivity settings.

After the recording

After the recording

We will be editing your show and (if we didn’t already) provide you a “go live” date as soon as we have it.


You can get links to all relevant social media and podcast platform locations for each podcast on their pages on this site. Here are links:

Launch day

On the morning of the show going live, we will send you an email with:

  • A link to the show webpage
  • Links to social media
  • The graphic that we use to promote the episode
  • An embed code for the episode

We have a following of over 50,000 across social media and our newsletters, which we’ll be promoting the episode (and tagging you) across.

We would, of course, love your help with promotion as well, and are open to doing customized types of promotion.