The Agile Brand Guide to MarTech Stack Evaluation

Capitol Communicator: The Agile Brand Guide to MarTech Stack Evaluation

Capitol Communicator featured the latest in The Agile Brand Guide series, just released today.

Using marketing technology to reach potential and current customers is no longer optional. Brands must continue to find ways to provide more relevant, personalized experiences to their customers, while gaining a better understanding in order to continuously improve. Additionally, marketing teams must keep up with the pace to create personalized content variations, understand attribution in an omnichannel environment, and ensure they are staying one step ahead of both the competition and customer expectations.

In this sixth book in the best selling Agile Brand Guide series, the successful planning, implementation and optimization of an organization’s marketing technology stack is explored. The Agile Brand Guide: Marketing Operations by best-selling author Greg Kihlström gives marketing professionals a solid overview of the space in a short guide format and will be available in print, digital, and audio formats.

The book explores how marketing leaders and aspiring leaders can be successful in their implementation of a Marketing Operations function. The book includes insights and interviews with some of the thought leaders in marketing and customer experience and features a foreword by Brian Browning, Vice President, Technology at Kin + Carta.

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