New Agile Brand Guide helps marketers create a winning operational model to deliver better marketing and customer experiences

The Agile Brand releases the latest book in its Agile Brand Guides series to educate marketers on how to build and optimize high-performing teams, processes, and platforms

The demands on marketing teams within the enterprise continue to compound as rising expectations from stakeholders and consumers require improvements in results from marketing efforts while improving the efficiency with which they are performed. Marketing Operations is thus becoming a more critical function within high-performing marketing departments focusing teams on optimizing marketing processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness in meaningful and sustainable ways that benefit customers and the business. 

In this latest book in the best selling Agile Brand Guide series, the successful planning, implementation, and optimization of Marketing Operations is explored. The Agile Brand Guide: Marketing Operations by international best selling author Greg Kihlström gives marketing professionals a solid overview of the Marketing Operations and how to best implement it successfully in a short guide format and will be available in print, digital, and audio formats.

The book explores how marketing leaders and aspiring leaders can be successful in their implementation of high-performing and continuously improving marketing teams and includes insights and interviews with some of the thought leaders in marketing and customer experience. It features a foreword by Tommi Marsans, Verizon Business Group Transformation Lead.

Drawing on Kihlström’s experience working with top organizations, and his ongoing conversations with leaders in marketing and customer experience as part of his award-winning podcast, The Agile Brand with Greg Kihlström, this guide provides insights and ideas that both beginning and seasoned leaders can utilize to be successful.

The Agile Brand Guide to MarTech Stack Evaluation is available now in print and as an ebook from Amazon and directly from The Agile Brand website at:  

The Agile Brand Guide to Marketing Operations