S1 | 80: Designing Experiences that drive loyalty

How can you design experiences to drive customer loyalty?

Kevin Budelmann is an Experience Design expert, a professor at both Michigan State and Northwestern Universities, and authored Brand Identity Essentials.

He brings over a quarter-century shaping design, strategy, and brand experience. We explore the converging paths of behavioral economics, design thinking, and customer experience—all through the lens of his extensive expertise. On this episode of the Delighted Customers Podcast.

S1 | 79: Lessons from an ER doctor w/Dr. Judy Wolfe, Associate Chief Experience Officer, Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Judy Wolfe, who still practices as an ER doctor, talks about the transformative power of patient experience in healthcare. We dive into the critical role of trust, and how reimagining job titles and communication training can revolutionize caregiver-patient interactions. Dr. Judy highlights the urgency of embracing change management and the dire consequences of stagnation in patient care. Dr. Judy prescribes helpful tips from “shift hacks” to loyalty driver tips to “teach backs.” Tons of gems in this episode from one the top medical care facilities in the world.

S1 | 78: Three Keys to Driving Customer Advocates

Keith Ferguson brings his wealth of experience as an entrepreneur along with his career in academia (MSU and FSU) to share his wisdom on customer advocacy. Keith defines customer advocacy and then we talk about the financial impact of having customers who truly advocate for your brand. Keith shares some common mistakes about consumer behavior through a visualization of the customer lifecycle and provides 3 actionable steps leaders can take to create more advocates for their business.

S1 | 77: Joe Pine: The Origin of “Customer Experience,” The Experience Economy, and What’s Next

Joe Pine is on my Mount Rushmore of Customer Experience. He shares the exact moment, quite by accident, that the concept of “experience” as the next economy after the service economy was hatched. In 2020 Mr. Pine and his partner James H. Gilmore re-released in hardcover The Experience Economy: Competing for Customer Time, Attention, and Money featuring an all-new Preview to their best-selling 1999 book The Experience Economy: Work Is Theatre & Every Business a Stage. Joe believes that goods and services are no longer enough; what customers want are experiences—memorable events that engage each individual in an inherently personal way. Join me on The Delighted Customers Podcast as Joe shares a vision for business—a world focused on human flourishing, where individuals become better people and achieve their goals. Discover how understanding your customers’ wants, needs, and desires can help you create greater value and make a positive impact. Joe shares practical insights and real world stories of how you can drive business outcomes. Here are some highlights:

The concepts of mass customization and the experience economy
Creating robust, cohesive, personal, dramatic, and transformative experiences
Comparing work to theater and the importance of intentional and engaging experiences
Changing the world of business to focus on human flourishing
The importance of not wasting customers’ time and aligning value with what customers value
The concept of “customering” and the individualization megatrend

S1 | 76: Pink Zebra Moving: Differentiating on CX for Explosive Growth with CEO, Ron Holt

Pink Zebra Moving: Differentiating on CX for Explosive Growth with CEO, Ron Holt

I can’t think of a better illustration of how to prove the ROI of Customer Experience.

Ron Holt sees opportunities in bad customer experiences.  

In fact, he built a successful home cleaning based on disrupting a legacy industry by differentiating the experience his customers receive. 

The model allowed him to scale a one-store cleaning business into a $40M nationally-recognized brand with 90 locations across the country.

Ron shared his entrepreneurial journey and the compelling story behind his company, Pink Zebra Moving. It’s more than just a business success story – it’s a masterclass in innovation, customer experience, and entrepreneurial spirit in the home services industry.

S1 | 75: What’s the Pioneering Edge for Today’s CX Leaders according to the NPS Creator

What’s the Pioneering Edge for Today’s CX Leaders according to NPS Creator, Fred Reichheld?

There’s so much to unpack in this episode:

Fred shares about a personal vulnerability

What’s the right way to listen to customers?

What is the huge mistake companies make relative to referrals?

How do you know if you’ve won or lost?

What is financial capitalism and why should it die?

What’s on the pioneering edge today for CX leading companies?

Will Southwest Airlines recover?

And a ton more!

S1 | 74: Closing the Gap Between Brand Promise and Customer Experience with Nick Zeisler

In this episode Nick shares some valuable insights including: – the significant concept of ‘Brand Alignment’ was introduced, highlighting the imperative of aligning a company’s customer experience delivery with its brand promise. – the importance of continuous improvement in process engineering was emphasized, advocating for a customer-centric approach to Lean Six Sigma prioritizing projects based on customer impact rather than traditional resource-focused methods.

Welcoming The Delighted Customers Podcast to The Agile Brand family

The Delighted Customers Podcast with Mark Slatin interviews the top thinkers and practitioners in the industry and provides insights that are practical and actionable—not just hypothetical and abstract. I believe that The Delighted Customers Podcast fills a gap in a market where there is a lot of talk about what good CX is, but Mark and his guests go a step further and talk about how to actually achieve it.