MarTech: Continuous improvement and innovation: Successful customer journey operations

This article was written by Greg Kihlström for MarTech. Read the full article here.

Learn the essentials of feedback loops, experimentation and agility to deliver continuous improvement in customer journey operations.

Feedback loops

Let’s start by talking about the “engine” that will feed the decisions you make and what you prioritize in your continuous improvement efforts. Because, in order to continuously improve, you need to have the necessary information to do so. 

A feedback loop is like a system that takes important information and data points and then organizes it in a way that makes it useful for your team or the tools you use. In the case of customer journey orchestration, this often means a next-best action, offer or other type of recommendation that will yield the best results for the customer and the business.

A good feedback loop gives you actionable information and answers key questions, such as the best channel to reach a particular individual or audience segment or what offers are most compelling. Feedback loops go beyond simpler reporting and give you information that you (or your automated platforms) can use, often in real time.

Benefits of feedback loops

When feedback loops are done well, you will be able to rely on several benefits, including:

Building a scientific method into your customer journey orchestration work that requires a hypothesis and statistically significant amounts of data.

Helping to battle the trap of acting on anecdotal evidence.

Consistently pulling valuable information and data across multiple channels and teams that may all contribute to customer journey orchestration but may not always share information regularly.

Getting a diverse amount of customer data that paint a fuller picture of the customer journey, including both pain points and opportunities.

Giving customers better content, offers and experiences in real-time or near real-time without lengthy internal review processes, manual content creation, etc. 

Feedback loops are an essential part of the continuous improvement of your customer journey operations efforts because they give you the information you need to act on real data in a timely manner.

This article was written by Greg Kihlström for MarTech. Read the full article here.

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