Data fragmentation inhibits AI’s potential

As artificial intelligence grows in importance, it reinforces the idea that
organizations must prioritize access, visibility, and action with data. It
drives decision-making, informs strategies, and helps businesses better
understand their customers.

Remembering the customer in your CJO efforts

It might feel like it goes without saying, but make sure you are keeping the customer front and center in your customer journey orchestration (CJO)
efforts. Successful CJO must be centered around the customer, with their needs and preferences at the forefront of all efforts.

Getting customer feedback is only the beginning

Responding to feedback is important for businesses to improve their
customer experience. In today’s digital age, customers have numerous
platforms to voice their opinions and share their experiences with
businesses. Whether it’s through surveys, online reviews, or social media,
customers expect their feedback to be heard and acknowledged.

Welcoming The Delighted Customers Podcast to The Agile Brand family

The Delighted Customers Podcast with Mark Slatin interviews the top thinkers and practitioners in the industry and provides insights that are practical and actionable—not just hypothetical and abstract. I believe that The Delighted Customers Podcast fills a gap in a market where there is a lot of talk about what good CX is, but Mark and his guests go a step further and talk about how to actually achieve it.

Forbes: The Hidden Costs of Inefficient Ways of Working

Who among us hasn’t heard this phrase, or even uttered ourselves from time to time: “but that’s the way we’ve always done it.” After all, there is comfort in familiarity, and as someone who spends a lot of time in the area of marketing operations, there is efficiency when processes are repeated.