MartechView: From Hype to Harmony: AI Embraces “The Great Reconciliation” in 2024

This article was written by Greg Kihlström for MartechView. View the full article here.

AI buzz continues, but 2024 shifts focus from playful exploration to tangible results. Join us as we delve into “The Great Reconciliation”: standardizing tools, integrating AI into processes, and demanding proven ROI.

With the abundance of discussions and written content around artificial intelligence (AI) in 2023, one might assume it was a recent invention, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. AI has become unavoidable in marketing technology, advertising, and everyday conversations.

While some of the excitement surrounding AI is well-founded, it’s important to separate the genuine advancements from mere hype. Numerous companies have invested in AI-based tools, methods, and technologies, aligning them strategically with their organizational objectives. However, there have also been instances of impromptu and tactical investments, resulting in unclear outcomes or limited dissemination of knowledge throughout the organization.

As we reflect on 2023, it becomes evident that it was a year of experimentation with AI, ranging from playful interactions with ChatGPT to imaginative creations with DALL-E. However, in 2024, it’s time for The Great Reconciliation—an amalgamation of scientific experiments and cohesive alignment with larger goals, budgets, and workstreams. It’s time to shift our focus from playing with AI to getting tangible results.

This article was written by Greg Kihlström for MartechView. View the full article here.

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