Pega Transforms Corporate Learning with Pega GenAI Socrates 

Pega a leading enterprise AI decisioning and workflow automation platform provider, today at PegaWorld® iNspire launched Pega GenAI Socrates™– a first-of-its-kind generative AI tutor that dynamically teaches core Pega skills to clients and partners. In a radical departure from traditional online corporate learning, Pega GenAI Socrates fosters an interactive dialogue that constantly adapts to each student’s vertical industry, skill level, and learning needs. This helps users learn Pega faster and more effectively while retaining more knowledge, resulting in a more deeply skilled workforce. 

Most people crave learning new skills nearly as much as they loathe the boring methods by which corporations usually teach them. Students suffer through tedious lecture-based courseware that puts more value on memorization than understanding concepts. Rather than engaging with you, traditional courses talk at you with one-size-fits-all lessons regardless of skill level. The content is usually 90% forgotten within a month, resulting in severe skills gaps throughout the organization.  

Available today within select Pega Academy courses, Pega GenAI Socrates provides an intelligent on-demand tutor that redefines the corporate online learning experience. Inspired by the time-tested Socratic teaching method, Pega GenAI Socrates educates students through a two-way conversation interspersed with open-ended questions on each learning objective – just as an engaged human teacher would in a classroom. Pega GenAI Socrates instantly personalizes lessons to address students’ weak spots while also helping them better grasp and internalize their newfound knowledge.  

The result: more impactful learning, more satisfied employees, and more skilled organizations. 

How Socrates reimagines corporate learning 

By uniquely applying generative AI, Pega GenAI Socrates teaches students in new ways because: 

  • It more deeply ingrains new skills with students: Pega GenAI Socrates teaches and assesses students by prompting them to analyze real-life scenarios in their own words instead of hiding behind passive multiple-choice answers. This immediate application of new skills leads to deeper understanding and retention. The platform also incorporates multimedia elements such as video and graphics, as well as voice-driven interactions to enhance student engagement. 
  • It meets students at their unique skill level: Pega GenAI Socrates tailors lessons to students’ individual skill levels by analyzing their responses and adapting the content level in real time. This helps students focus on knowledge gaps while skipping concepts they know. Content is also tailored to students’ vertical market experience through industry-specific examples. 
  • It’s ready whenever students want to learn: Socrates allows students to learn at their convenience while avoiding exhausting binge learning for hours or days at a time. This on-demand, non-linear approach enables students to engage whenever they want, for as long as they want, on any topic they may need help in the moment. 

Socrates gains tenure at Pega Academy 

Pega GenAI Socrates is available today in Pega Academy starting with Pega’s most popular course, the System Architect mission, and will be integrated more broadly in the coming months. Pega GenAI Socrates will also be utilized in Pega Flex, a hybrid learning experience combining instructor-led training in conjunction with Pega Academy online content. It will teach in 10 languages to start – English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, and Japanese.  

Pega Academy offers comprehensive training content, real-world hands-on exercises, and industry-recognized certifications to enable Pega’s clients, partners, and individuals to rapidly gain and advance their Pega software skills. Today, Pega expands on this strong foundation of self-directed learning to reimagine how to develop hybrid learners in shorter, more immersive, and effective learning that scales and enables people to flourish. 

For more information on Pega GenAI Socrates, go to Pega Academy registered users can experience it today in the System Architect mission at

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