S1 | 10: Intrapreneurs, rainmakers, and other employees that fuel growth, with Ira Zlotowitz, GPARENCY

Are you an intrapreneur or a rainmaker? Both are critical to help companies grow and thrive, and in this episode of Brand the Change, GPARENCY CEO, successful entrepreneur, and disruptor Ira Zlotowitz provides a detailed look into how he has built his company on a winning formula of employee attributes. He also outlines the skills you can bring to work that employers value most, and how taking risk and trying new ideas is critical for corporate and professional success.

About Ira Zlotowitz

Founder & CEO at GPARENCY | Membership-Based Commercial Mortgage Brokerage – Placing Deals For $4K | Thought Leader | Proud Father

He founded GPARENCY in November 2021 with a simple mission: to change the way CRE funding is done and create more opportunities for others. Since then, he has gained national attention for his revolutionary pricing model and reputation for closing complex deals.

He’s changing the game and empowering borrowers to cut the commissions and get the world’s best closers to run their deals for a max of $11K up front or ¼ point at closing.

In addition to providing innovative solutions for CRE debt, he’s passionate about helping connect those seeking equity with those looking for investment opportunities! If you have a deal that needs equity or are looking for properties to invest in for as little as $25K, send him a DM so he can introduce you.

Since the age of 21, he has earned a number of accolades, including:

  • Youngest President of any Top 10 mortgage brokerage
  • Crain’s youngest “Forty Under 40” honoree
  • Mastermind behind Meridian’s rise from $300M to $2B+
  • Founder and growth driver of Eastern Union to $5B

He loves helping commercial real estate owners complete their capital stack and discovering new ways to give back, improve, and challenge the status quo.


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Brand the Change Episode 10

Ira Zlotowitz, Founder & CEO, GPARENCY

Brand the Change Episode 10