S1 | 15: Intrapreneurship and fostering innovation from within, with Shane Pahl

In this episode, Adam Chen interviews Shane Pahl, a consultant by trade and organizational anthropologist by training. We discuss such heady topics as defining what intraprenuership means and how we see that play out in the organizations we have both worked with. Take a listen to glean insights on how organizations can cultivate people and foster innovation from the viewpoint of a hired gun brought in from the outside.

About Shane Pahl

Shane Pahl consults with and leads teams that believe working smarter and delivering a seamless experience is the expectation. As a business designer he leads intrapreneurial teams to design and implement better work environments, products, and services; delivering value for both the organization and its customers. https://www.linkedin.com/in/shanepahl/


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Shane Pahl, Consultant & Organizational Anthropologist, MS, Specializing in Design Research & Change Management