S1 | 28: The Growing Influence of LinkedIn Content Creators

In this episode, we’re talking about the growth trajectory of content creation and the innovation that is supporting its evolution. Brand the Change is honored to sit down with Authored Up’s Founder Ivana Todovoric, who talks about the platform’s quick evolution in supporting LinkedIn content creators. She shares her future outlook on the growth of creators and also talks about the various levels of social media influence evolving – not just influencers, but there are subcategories that are quickly developing. She also talks about = – what else – artificial intelligence and how she and her team are leveraging it to further enhance the Authored Up product.

About Ivana Todovoric

Meet Ivana Todorovic, the driving force behind AuthoredUp, a venture that defies convention. With over a year spent in free beta and a bootstrap approach, Ivana invested countless hours before reaping any financial reward. Rejecting cookies and automation, she embraced constraints, earning whispers of “insanity” from skeptics. Yet, Ivana was determined to do things the right way, prioritizing quality over shortcuts. AuthoredUp’s mission? Empowering individuals, not just seasoned writers, to excel on LinkedIn, a platform notorious for its challenging content landscape. Ivana’s journey to founding AuthoredUp was serendipitous, born from the aftermath of her previous startup’s failure and a desire to navigate LinkedIn’s intricacies. Prior to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Ivana’s intellectual curiosity led her through Austrian economic theory and a penchant for scientific literature. Within the startup realm, she’s worn many hats, from leading teams to obtaining regulatory licenses. Through it all, Ivana remains the go-to problem solver, embodying resilience and innovation in her pursuit of excellence.


Ivana Todovoric, Founder, Authored Up