Podcast Park: The Agile Workforce by Greg Kihlström Looks at the Future of Work

The Agile Workforce is the new book by Greg Kihlström, customer and employee experience thought leader, entrepreneur, speaker, and author. The book discusses the future of work, and how humans and AI-driven machines will work together to create our future. It also describes the rise of the freelance economy, and how remote work, gig workers, and a global mindset will transform the traditional workplace into a hybrid model where the best of all worlds can be combined for the benefit of individuals and companies alike.

New Book The Agile Workforce by Greg Kihlström Provides a Look at the Future of Work

March 30, 2021 | Arlington, VA // We live in an agile world. Incremental growth and continuous improvement have brought about change in just about every field imaginable. The workforce and work as we know it has been changing for a while, and it’s about to undergo a major shift.

With continued globalization, an increase in the use of artificial intelligence to perform both routine and complex tasks, and the rise of outsourcing and contracting in new industries, the Agile Workforce is here.