Agile Brand Guide Named to Marketing AI Institute’s Best Books on AI in 2023 List

We are thrilled to announce that the Marketing AI Institute has named Greg Kihlström’s The Agile Brand Guide to AI & Marketing to their list of “The Very Best Books on AI in 2023” now available on their website.

Here is the excerpt featuring the book:

The Agile Brand Guide to AI and Marketing

Author: Greg Kihlström

Why you should read it: The book explores how marketing and CX leaders can be successful with artificial intelligence in their planning, implementation, and optimization. This includes an exploration of both the current uses of AI and machine learning in marketing, as well as the four primary areas where marketers should be paying attention.

Key takeaway: AI is fast becoming indispensable for brands and marketing leaders. The quicker you act to incorporate it into your marketing operations, the quicker you’ll stay ahead of the curve.

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The Agile Brand Guide to AI & Marketing