428: #428: Personalizing the Customer Journey with Trent Rossini, inQuba

Today we’re going to talk about Customer Journey Orchestration with a focus on SMS and messaging to help brands drive greater customer engagement and personalize the customer experience for consumers that quickly grow impatient by being saturated with impersonal messages from the brands they support. In fact, according to a recent report by Twilio, two-thirds of consumers say they’ll quite a brand if their experience isn’t personalized.

I’ve seen in my own work with leading brands that customer journey orchestration can help this, and to help me discuss this topic, I’d like to welcome Trent Rossini, Managing Director at inQuba.


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In this episode of The Agile Brand, host Greg Kihlström explores the topic of customer journey orchestration with a focus on SMS and messaging. He discusses the importance of personalized experiences and how customer journey orchestration can help brands engage with their customers more effectively. Joining Greg is Trent Rossini, Managing Director at inQuba, who shares his expertise on this subject. Tune in to learn how brands can leverage SMS and messaging to create a more personalized customer experience.

The podcast also discusses the benefits of customer journey orchestration and its impact on understanding and influencing customer behavior. Customer journey orchestration goes beyond traditional customer experience (CX) by not only capturing feedback but also analyzing customer behavior. By understanding how customers progress along their journey, organizations can identify where customers may encounter obstacles or drop off.

One key benefit of customer journey orchestration is the ability to maintain context and track customer interactions across multiple channels, such as call centers, websites, and instant messaging. By aligning with the customer’s objectives, organizations can move the customer forward by providing relevant interactions that create value.

The podcast also emphasizes the importance of time and sequence in journey orchestration. Similar to nudging, journey orchestration considers factors such as when to pause, progress, push harder, or slow down. It takes into account the interplay between the customer’s feelings and the organization’s knowledge to engage in a highly personalized way. This sets it apart from customer journey mapping, which often relies on assumptions, and traditional marketing automation, which relies on unidirectional communication and rules.

Overall, customer journey orchestration offers organizations a comprehensive understanding of the customer journey and the ability to guide customers towards their goals.

In the podcast episode, the host and guest stress the importance of agility in business. They discuss the need to quickly identify opportunities, make progress, and continuously refine and iterate through them. They argue against striving for perfection early on and instead advocate for an agile approach that allows for faster results and adaptation to changing circumstances.

The podcast highlights the benefits of this agile approach, such as effectively nudging customers along the customer journey when they encounter obstacles. This strategy has proven to be powerful in driving engagement and progress. The hosts also share their real-life experiences and strong advocacy for this methodology.

Overall, the podcast underscores the importance of agility, quick identification of opportunities, and continuous refinement and iteration. This approach is seen as a key driver of business growth and success in the ever-changing business landscape.

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