Leveraging employee brands to augment your marketing strategy

Personal branding is incredibly important in marketing today, where individuals are constantly bombarded with brand messages from various sources. The podcast interview emphasizes the need for individuals to stand out in a crowded marketplace by telling their unique stories and showcasing their expertise.

Mobile makeover for personalized shopping experiences

One concept that is gaining traction in the retail industry is the idea of a mobile makeover for personalized shopping. This concept revolves around bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms of retail, and leveraging mobile devices to enhance the customer experience.

Understanding Customer Journey Orchestration (CJO) and Real-time Interaction Management (RTIM)

Marketing teams are consumed with the task of finding effective ways to
reach and engage customers effectively. To achieve this, marketers have to understand customer journeys in all their complexity. The concepts of Customer Journey Orchestration (CJO) and Real-time Interaction Management
(RTIM) are two concepts that have emerged as key strategies to meeting this challenge.