433: #433: Demystifying platform selection with Bryan Jones and Cara Bourdage, The Office of Experience

I’m excited to talk with my guests today on a special episode brought to you by The Office of Experience, a design-driven, digital-first, vertically integrated and collaborative agency that believes in the power of ideas and the strength of people.

Today we’re going to talk about demystifying platform selection and how taking the right approach enables better strategic alignment, streamlined integration, and a better customer experience.

To help me discuss this topic, I’d like to welcome Bryan Jones, CTO and Cara Bourdage, Director of Product at The Office of Experience.


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In this episode, the speakers discuss the importance of successfully adopting new platforms and how it can optimize operations and reduce maintenance time for organizations, allowing them to focus more on sales. They emphasize the significance of selecting the right platform and suggest considering key features and requirements to achieve these benefits. By identifying the most important features that drive revenue and minimize customization needs, organizations can streamline processes and enhance efficiency. This enables them to allocate more time and resources to sales and growth.

The speakers also highlight the need to consider both the end customer experience and the internal customer experience. They emphasize that if the teams using the platforms cannot effectively utilize them, it will hinder their ability to serve the end customers. Therefore, successful platform adoption should aim for a win-win situation where both internal and external customers benefit.

The episode emphasizes that digital transformation should be approached as a top-down exercise, requiring alignment and buy-in from senior executives. It is crucial for all key stakeholders to share the same vision and work towards common goals to ensure a cohesive and effective digital transformation initiative. Additionally, involving employees who will be working with the new tools or platform on a daily basis is equally important. Their feedback should be sought early and often to understand what is currently working and what improvements they would like to see.

The episode also stresses the importance of cultural fit when selecting an implementation partner. While expertise and capabilities are important, having a positive working relationship with the partner, even during disagreements and challenges, is crucial. The ability to handle tough situations professionally and respectfully is essential for a successful partnership. Collaboration and finding solutions together when things go wrong are also mentioned as important factors to consider. Cultural fit and the ability to work well together should be evaluated when choosing an implementation partner.

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