437: #437: AI as a member of your marketing team, with Daniel Maloney, Tailwind

There is a lot of talk about artificial intelligence these days in many areas of the business, and marketing is one that we talk about a lot on this show, but there’s a reason why – and that is because AI is fundamentally shifting the way we not only work, but the way we think about our work.

Today we’re going to talk about AI as marketing team member, not simply as a tool you use in isolated instances.

To help me discuss this topic, I’d like to welcome Daniel Maloney, CEO & Co-Founder of Tailwind.


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In this episode, the importance of having a plan and a willingness to learn and improve when adopting AI tools is emphasized. The guest speaker acknowledges that initially, the quality of AI tools may be average, underscoring the need for a well-thought-out plan. The person responsible for exploring and implementing the AI tool must be willing to acknowledge its imperfections and be open to learning and finding ways to enhance it. This highlights the significance of having a growth mindset and adaptability when integrating AI into marketing strategies.

The episode also highlights the importance of leaders initiating conversations with their teams about AI. This is crucial because the team may already be utilizing AI in ways that the leader may not be aware of. By creating a safe space for dialogue, leaders can quickly gain insights into the AI tools and processes their team is using, while also fostering an environment where team members can educate each other. These conversations can also help leaders understand the challenges and opportunities that AI presents in their specific work environment. Engaging in dialogue with the team allows leaders to gain valuable insights and knowledge about AI and its potential applications within the organization.

Furthermore, the guest discusses how AI can be utilized as a tool to enhance workflows and improve efficiency. They suggest that individuals should focus on improving one specific workflow and begin exploring the various AI tools available for that purpose. By concentrating on a specific area, individuals can gain a better understanding of the AI tools that are available and how they can be integrated into their workflow. This targeted approach enables a more effective implementation of AI technology. Additionally, the guest emphasizes the importance of human oversight and intervention in checking the work done by AI tools, as they are not perfect substitutes for human capabilities. Human involvement is still necessary to ensure accuracy and quality. Overall, the episode highlights the potential benefits of incorporating AI into workflows and encourages individuals to explore the various AI tools that can support their specific needs.

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