438: #438: Enhancing the E-commerce CX with Paul Thompson, Cloudinary

Brands must meet customer expectations for a personalized experience throughout the buyer’s journey. One key opportunity to achieve this is by leveraging AI-based tools that offer relevant images and videos. These resources educate customers, manage their expectations, and ultimately drive higher conversion rates while reducing return rates.

Today we’re going to talk about enhancing the e-commerce experience using personalization and generative AI, and to do this we’re going to talk about some statistics in some research that was recently done by Cloudinary.

To help me discuss this topic, I’d like to welcome Paul Thompson, Head of Technical Marketing at Cloudinary.


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In this episode, the importance of personalization and customization in enhancing the e-commerce experience and driving higher conversion rates is discussed. The host highlights a study by McKinsey, which reveals that 78% of consumers are more likely to make repeat purchases from companies that personalize their offerings. This underscores the significance of tailoring the customer experience to meet individual preferences and needs.

The guest, Paul Thompson, further elaborates on how platforms like Cloudinary can facilitate this level of personalization. By leveraging their platform and APIs, businesses can create customized experiences and images for their customers. For instance, they can develop image target ads with localized text overlays or content specific to a user’s location. Such customization fosters a more engaging and relevant experience, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Moreover, Paul emphasizes the importance of incorporating images and videos on e-commerce stores and websites. He recommends exploring Cloudinary’s suite of products and features, which optimize images for different devices and ensure the highest quality visuals. This scalable optimization and customization significantly enhance the overall e-commerce experience and lead to improved conversion rates.

According to the podcast transcript, utilizing AI-based tools that provide relevant images and videos offers several benefits for e-commerce. These tools educate customers by offering visual resources that aid in better understanding the product. Consequently, customers’ expectations are managed, enabling them to make informed purchasing decisions. Additionally, the use of relevant images and videos captures customers’ attention and persuades them to make a purchase, thereby driving higher conversion rates. By delivering a personalized experience through AI-based tools, brands can enhance the e-commerce journey and ultimately increase sales.

Cloudinary offers image capabilities and platform features that brands can leverage to enhance their e-commerce experience. They provide programmable media, empowering developers to transform and deliver images and videos at scale, often utilizing AI tools. This aids in optimizing and standardizing user-generated content, ensuring its safety, size, and format. Additionally, Cloudinary offers digital asset management capabilities through their products Assets, designed for enterprises, and Nexus, their latest offering for small and medium-sized businesses. By utilizing Cloudinary’s suite of products and features, brands can optimize their images and videos for the specific device used by the user, ultimately improving the overall user experience and driving higher conversion rates.

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