457: #457: Building a culture of experiementation, with Kirsty Dawe, Webeo

Today we’re going to talk about building a culture of experimentation and how it can benefit B2B brands.

To help me discuss this topic, I’d like to welcome Kirsty Dawe, CEO at Webeo.



Promoting innovation and experimentation in an organization begins with establishing clarity on the company’s overall goals and ensuring that everyone is aligned towards those goals. This entails providing all employees with a clear understanding of the organization’s collective objectives. Such clarity empowers individuals to confidently suggest ideas and communicate their thoughts, knowing that their contributions are in line with the company’s overarching goals. Moreover, a clear understanding of the company’s goals ensures that experiments and initiatives are more impactful, as they are aligned centrally rather than being isolated in individual silos.

In the episode, it is emphasized that granting employees easy access to high-quality data is crucial for making informed decisions and determining where to focus experimentation efforts. The speaker underscores the significance of data within an organization, as it may sometimes be lacking. They suggest that access to data enables employees to decide where to begin and what to test or experiment with. By having easy access to data, employees can identify areas that are likely to have the greatest impact and allocate their time effectively. This access to data helps align experiments with the organization’s goals and prevents individuals from working in isolation. Overall, the episode highlights the importance of providing employees with easy access to reliable data to drive effective experimentation and decision-making.

According to the episode, creating a culture of experimentation involves celebrating both successes and failures. The speaker emphasizes the importance of acknowledging success and learning from failures. They suggest that failures should be presented as valuable insights into what doesn’t work, rather than setbacks. This perspective reframes failures as opportunities for growth and learning. The speaker also highlights the need to share the lessons learned from failures across the organization. By doing so, everyone can benefit from the knowledge gained and avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future. This culture of celebrating both successes and failures and sharing the learnings fosters a supportive and innovative environment where experimentation is encouraged.

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