458: #458: Demystifying CX Governance with Sami Nuwar

Today we’re going to talk about demystifying CX governance, what exactly we mean by “governance,” as well as the components that make it truly work for an organization—and their customers.

To help me discuss this topic, I’d like to welcome Sami Nuwar back to the show. He is a Customer Experience Leader and Thought Leader who has worked with some of the world’s top brands on CX initiatives.


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  • Flavors of Governance: Governance can take many forms, but here we describe two types. We ask ourselves a key question: what are we governing? For operational governance, we’re managing how we work or operate. For accountability governance, we’re managing the changes to the business.
  • Governance Functions: What are the types of work or functions that exist in a governance role? This document highlights the key jobs to be done within a governance function.
  • Key Questions Gov Should Answer: As we drive our governance, what are the key questions we should be asking ourselves and our peers to be able to tell if we’re making an impact?
  • Goals and Measurements Success: measurements can depend on the state of your program and the readiness of the business, both of which can and will change over time. And so too should your measurements.
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