95: #95 Version Next, Now Part 3, Episode 1: Looking Up w/ Leslie Deutsch, TEKsystems

The COVID-19 pandemic upended the global economy, but business didn’t stop—it adapted. Many organizations rewrote recovery and business continuity plans. Some companies reprioritized projects to optimize costs, while others created new business models and ways of working. Regardless of which path they took, the pandemic forced digital transformation upon businesses that weren’t necessarily ready for it. Speed is more essential than ever. Agility is an imperative. Organizations are recalibrating technology roadmaps. They’re pivoting and prioritizing the “big rocks” crucial to creating a resilient enterprise in a new digital economy. The cloud is the greatest enabler for both business and delivery agility, but transformation requires bold leadership. Leaders from TEKsystems and 1Strategy discuss how organizations must take action; to not only survive, but also thrive, in the digital economy.

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