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Alignment between people is key to better customer experience

This article was based on the interview with Abhii Parakh of Prudential by Greg Kihlström, Marketing Technology keynote speaker for The Agile Brand with Greg Kihlström podcast. Listen to the original episode here:

Organizations need to focus on alignment between people to deliver a great customer experience. In the podcast interview, Abhii Parakh from Prudential mentioned that at the core of customer-centric organizations, employees understand their connection to the customer, whether it be direct or indirect. This alignment to the mission of customer centricity is crucial for success. Employees need to listen, ask the right questions, understand customer needs, and be empowered to take action. All three elements must be in alignment for a customer-centric approach to work effectively.

Experimentation is also essential in delivering a great customer experience. With customer preferences, technology, and competition constantly evolving, organizations need to adapt quickly. The traditional waterfall model of long development cycles is no longer efficient or effective. Experimentation needs to be integrated into the way organizations operate, rather than being isolated in innovation labs. At Prudential, for example, there are 500 agile teams globally that are empowered to experiment, iterate, and co-create with customers.

Maintaining a culture of experimentation and customer centricity requires a shift in mindset. It is not about governance or policing, but about igniting a spark and making the case for customer experience. The goal is to embed customer centricity into the DNA of the company so that it becomes second nature to everyone. Once this cultural shift occurs, the need for governance diminishes as customer centricity becomes ingrained in the organization’s values and behaviors.

When it comes to the relationship between technology, data, and customer experience, Abhi Parakh highlights the importance of people. While data and technology are essential enablers for delivering great customer experiences, it ultimately comes down to the alignment and mindset of the people involved. Investing in relationships between people, ensuring alignment in goals and incentives, is key to success. Technology and data are tools that support the people-driven approach to customer centricity.

The alignment between people is key in delivering a great customer experience. By fostering a culture of customer centricity, prioritizing relationships between people, and integrating experimentation into everyday operations, organizations can differentiate themselves and drive sustainable growth. Customer experience is not just about technology and data, but about the people who drive it forward.