CMSWire: Defining Your Marketing Technology Philosophy

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When it comes to martech, organizations that don’t have a strong philosophy find it hard to make strategic decisions.

The marketing technology landscape is not getting any smaller, or more narrowly defined, with this number increasing from about 1,867 in 2015 to nearly 10,000 as of mid-2022. With so much choice, it can become nearly impossible to make good decisions, or to even know where to start narrowing your choices.

One incredibly helpful thing to define before embarking on an effort to define your technology infrastructure is to define what I call a marketing technology philosophy. This will consist of your guiding principles that point you in the right direction as you make fundamental choices about the types of platforms you incorporate or reject as part of your marketing technology stack.

Organizations that don’t have a strong philosophy are at a disadvantage because it becomes harder to make strategic decisions. With so many platforms available with similar features, integrations, and promises made, not having a clear direction to go in makes the choice of investments even more difficult. What’s more, not having a strong philosophy also means that a course correction may be required in order to deprecate a system that significant time and resources have been invested in if it fails to fit in a longer term plan.

In this article, I’m going to discuss a few ways to define your marketing technology philosophy and why they may — or may not — be a good fit for your organization.

This article was originally published on – Read the full article here.

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