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Data challenges in leveraging AI in the enterprise

This article was based on the interview with Alice Fournier, CIO at ISS Americas by Greg Kihlström for The Agile Brand with Greg Kihlström podcast.  Listen to the original episode here:

One of the key themes discussed in the interview with Alice Fournier, CIO at ISS Americas, is the challenge of leveraging AI in the context of data. She highlights the importance of having clean and connected data in order to make informed decisions and navigate complex business histories. The presence of disconnected systems and unclean data poses a significant challenge for organizations, as it hinders the effective use of AI technologies.

Alice Fournier mentions that these challenges are being addressed through the use of their PA (presumably a data analytics platform). However, they also acknowledge that these challenges will continue to persist and may even become more significant as organizations look to leverage AI in the future.

One of the main reasons for these data challenges is the lack of connectivity and integration between different systems within an organization. This can be attributed to factors such as mergers, acquisitions, and the use of disparate systems. As a result, organizations end up with disconnected systems and data that is not clean.

Fournier emphasizes the importance of addressing these challenges in order to fully leverage AI. They mention that one of the biggest challenges in adopting AI is navigating data within these complex systems and business histories. Without clean and connected data, organizations risk making faulty decisions and hinder their ability to fully utilize AI technologies.

Another challenge related to data in the context of AI adoption is the increasing consumer data privacy regulations. The speaker acknowledges the benefits of these regulations for customers but highlights the impact they have on organizations. Many global brands have already been dealing with consumer data privacy regulations for quite some time, and there are talks about AI regulation in Europe and the United States.

Alice Fournier of ISS Americas discusses the need for organizations to be proactive in addressing these regulations and ensuring that they have the right governance and processes in place. This involves educating teams and peers about the implications of AI adoption and ensuring that the organization is compliant with existing and future regulations.

Despite these challenges, Fournier also recognizes the increasing appetite and understanding of AI technologies among consumers. They mention that AI has become more visible and has found applications in non-IT people’s lives. This increased awareness and visibility of AI can help remove some of the fear and skepticism associated with the technology, making it easier to drive enthusiasm and innovation within the organization.

In conclusion, the podcast highlights the data challenges that organizations face in leveraging AI. These challenges include disconnected systems, unclean data, and increasing consumer data privacy regulations. However, despite these challenges, AI is undeniably shaping the workplace in various industries. It is revolutionizing how organizations handle data, make decisions, and automate processes. The implementation of AI requires organizations to address these challenges and ensure that they have the right governance and processes in place. As AI continues to advance, it will play an increasingly significant role in the workplace, transforming industries and enabling new possibilities for businesses and employees alike.

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