Intrapreneurs need teamwork and risk tolerance to succeed

This article was based on the interview with Adam Chen, the host of the Intrapreneurs series of The Innovation Economy podcast by Greg Kihlström for The Agile Brand with Greg Kihlström podcast. Listen to the original episode here:

Intrapraneurs, or change makers within the enterprise that perform the role of an entrepreneur yet within the bounds of an existing company, need risk tolerance and teamwork in order to succeed.

One of the defining differences between intrapreneurs and employees is their risk tolerance. Intrapreneurs are willing to take on the risk associated with starting their own business, whether it be financial risk or knowledge risk. They understand that there is a level of uncertainty and are willing to take the necessary steps to overcome it. This risk tolerance sets intrapreneurs apart and allows them to pursue their ideas and innovations.

However, it is important to note that intrapreneurs are not completely risk averse. They still have certain risk tolerances, but they view risk differently. For example, an employee may view the risk of losing their job as a major setback, while an intrapreneur may view it as an opportunity to explore new ventures. This difference in perspective allows intrapreneurs to take more chances and pursue opportunities that others may shy away from.

Teamwork is also crucial for intrapreneurs. While they may have the desire to start their own business, they cannot do it alone. They need a team of individuals who can support them, provide expertise in areas they may lack, and help bring their ideas to fruition. This requires the ability to build and influence a team, even if they are not the designated leader. Intrapreneurs need to be able to identify where they need assistance and be willing to seek it out. They understand that success is not a one-person army, but a collective effort.

In addition, teamwork allows intrapreneurs to pool their resources and knowledge, leading to greater innovation and success. By collaborating with others, intrapreneurs can tap into different perspectives, skills, and experiences, which can lead to breakthrough ideas and solutions. This ability to work effectively within a team is a rare trait, and when an intrapreneur finds individuals with this skill, it is important to retain them within the organization.

Intrapreneurs need risk tolerance and teamwork in order to thrive. They are willing to take on the risks associated with starting their own “business within the business” and view them as opportunities for growth. They understand the importance of working within a team and leveraging the expertise and resources of others. By embracing risk and fostering teamwork, intrapreneurs can position themselves and their organizations for long-term success in an ever-changing business landscape.

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