S1 | 74: Closing the Gap Between Brand Promise and Customer Experience with Nick Zeisler

Someone once said Marketing creates the brand promise and CX delivers it. But too often there’s a gap between the two that’s eroding customer loyalty and business performance. Nick Zeisler is a Lean Six Sigma expert and Professor of Practice in Michigan State University’s Customer Experience Management Masters of Science program. In this episode Nick shares some valuable insights including: – the significant concept of ‘Brand Alignment’ was introduced, highlighting the imperative of aligning a company’s customer experience delivery with its brand promise. – the importance of continuous improvement in process engineering was emphasized, advocating for a customer-centric approach to Lean Six Sigma prioritizing projects based on customer impact rather than traditional resource-focused methods – loyalty as a process beyond the initial purchase was underscored, with the suggestion that it’s influenced by the consistency of the customer experience and alignment with the brand promise

About Nicholas Zeisler

Nicholas “Z” Zeisler is a Customer Experience strategist and Fractional CXO.  He helps client companies identify gaps in their Brand Promise Delivery and adjust, update, and improve internal processes, systems, and policies to ensure Customers have the best experience every time they interact with them.  He’s a 30-year Air Force veteran and currently serves at the US Air Force Academy as a statistics professor and is also a Professor of Practice in Michigan State University’s first-in-the-nation Master of Science degree program in Customer Experience Management.  He lives in Colorado with his partner and their awesome dog.


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Nicholas “Z” Zeisler, Professor of Practice in Michigan State University’s Master of Science degree program in Customer Experience Management