S1 | 79: Lessons from an ER doctor w/Dr. Judy Wolfe, Associate Chief Experience Officer, Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Judy Wolfe, who still practices as an ER doctor, talks about the transformative power of patient experience in healthcare. We dive into the critical role of trust, and how reimagining job titles and communication training can revolutionize caregiver-patient interactions. Dr. Judy highlights the urgency of embracing change management and the dire consequences of stagnation in patient care. Dr. Judy prescribes helpful tips from “shift hacks” to loyalty driver tips to “teach backs.” Tons of gems in this episode from one the top medical care facilities in the world.

About Judy Wolfe

Judy Wolfe, MD is an experienced healthcare executive recognized for her strategic approach to improving patient experiences and operational efficiency. As the Associate Chief Experience Officer at Cleveland Clinic since 2020, Judy has led global advancements in patient experience metrics within complex organizational structures. With expertise in medical leadership, cost management, and compliance, she has facilitated initiatives to enhance healthcare data analysis capabilities, fostering informed decision-making. 

As Medical Director for Cleveland Clinic Community Paramedicine and Urgent Dispatch, Judy has led teams in implementing best practices for high-reliability care. Her career also included serving as Medical Director of the Cleveland Clinic Lakewood Emergency Department, where she navigated the transition to a Freestanding ED model and implemented programs to reduce costs and enhance population health. 

In addition to her roles as a care model innovator and academic emergency physician, Judy is wife to engineering executive Skip Wolfe and mom to four amazing children.


Dr. Judy Wolfe, Associate Chief Experience Officer, Cleveland Clinic