S1 | 80: Designing Experiences that drive loyalty

How can you design experiences to drive customer loyalty?

Kevin Budelmann is an Experience Design expert, a professor at both Michigan State and Northwestern Universities, and authored Brand Identity Essentials.

He brings over a quarter-century shaping design, strategy, and brand experience. We explore the converging paths of behavioral economics, design thinking, and customer experience—all through the lens of his extensive expertise. On this episode of the Delighted Customers Podcast.

🔑 **3 Key Takeaways**: 

  • **Trust & Emotion in Branding**: Kevin illuminates the critical role of emotional connection and trust in shaping the brand experience – imperative in an era where customers’ decisions are heavily influenced by both. 
  • **Understanding Beyond Surveys**: We explore they why and how of recognizing customers’ deeper needs and desires, which often go unspoken, to excel in tailoring your product offerings. 
  • **Impactful Design Decisions**: Discover how design touches our everyday experiences, sometimes subtly, other times overtly, but always with the potential to create a strong impression – and why this matters to your brand.

About Kevin Budelmann

Kevin Budelmann is president of Peopledesign, a design innovation firm. Peopledesign works with various organizations on strategic brand marketing and customer experience for manufacturing, services, healthcare, education, and consumer products. Kevin is interested in design theory and practice in the context of business, technology, and society. He holds a BA in design from Carnegie Mellon University and a Master of Design Methods from The Institute of Design at Illinois Tech. Kevin is the former president of IxDA (the Interaction Design Association) president and teaches at Northwestern University and Michigan State University. His book, Brand Identity Essentials, is available in six languages in a second edition.


Kevin Budelmann, President, Peopledesign