S1 | 81: Strategies for making cx your growth engine

Jennifer Ashman is a CX thought leader and experience design expert.  She has been in the field for over two decades and is a Professor of Practice at Michigan State University, where she teaches Experience Design in the Master’s Degree program in Customer Experience Management.

Jennifer shares some real world examples to help make the conversation easily relatable.

Content Highlights:

– **Deep Dive into Qualitative Research**: Jennifer unpacks the myriad ways this research method informs decision-making to avoid costly missteps and enhance customer engagement.

– **The Art of Human Interaction**: Discover the irreplaceable value of human-led research methodologies in drawing out the rich, personal details that AI tools often miss.

– **Journey Mapping Mastery**: Learn about the art of crafting journey maps from the customer’s perspective with actionable insights, as Jennifer shares her hands-on approach to customer-centric problem solving.

– **Real-World Impact**: Be inspired by stories of organizations that transformed their practices and customer relationships through the actionable intelligence gained from qualitative research.

About Jennifer Ashman

Jennifer Ashman is a global CXPA Certified Customer Experience Professional with over 20 years of experience in marketing and bringing the customer voice to life. She is the president of CX Amplified, a boutique consulting firm that helps companies adopt a customer-focused approach to design and deliver best in class experiences.


Jennifer Ashman, CCXP, CX Amplified