S2 | 86: The Power of Social Identity on CX with Professor Gary David

Do we make buying decisions as individuals or individuals who are part of a group?

The answer may surprise you.

Gary David, PhD is a Professor of Sociology and Experience Design at Bentley University.  Dr. David has been researching sociology and its intersection with the business world for several decades.

His findings challenge the status quo when it comes to drivers of consumer behavior and how CX leaders should think about engaging customers.

We discuss how consumers perceptions of their social identities impact their brand loyalty, and ultimately, bottom line results.

In this episode we explore: 

👉 How social identity impacts buying decisions

👉 How to design experiences that connect with consumers social identity

👉 Where most companies get it wrong

👉 Strategies on how to understand social identity and design experiences that earn customer loyalty

About Gary David

Gary is a Professor of Sociology, and Professor of Information Design and Corporate Communication at Bentley University. He is the founder of ethno-analytics, LLC, a consultancy that focuses on integrated design and experience alignment. He is a keynote speaker and organizational educator at garyconnects.com. He also is an educational livestreamer on Twitch. As an ethnographer, his observational skills lead him to be constantly puzzled and bemused by the events he sees around him every day.


Gary David, Professor of Sociology and Experience Design, Bentley University