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The role of the Chief Product Officer: Evolving, increasingly customer-focused

This article was based on the interview with Jess Keeney of Duck Creek Technologies by Greg Kihlström, MarTech keynote speaker for The Agile Brand with Greg Kihlström podcast. Listen to the original episode here:

The role of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Product Officer (CPO) has evolved significantly over the years, particularly in terms of their focus on the customer experience.

In a podcast featuring Jess Keeney, a leader of product teams, the discussion revolves around the changing nature of product and technology teams, the need for customer-centricity, and the increasing rate of change in the industry.

In the past, product and technology teams were often siloed and disconnected from each other. However, as technology has advanced and become more integral to business operations, the lines between these teams have blurred. Today, it is essential for CTOs and CPOs to work closely together to align technology solutions with customer needs and business strategies.

One of the key shifts in the role of CTOs and CPOs is the understanding that product and technology cannot exist in a vacuum. They must be informed by customer trends, buying behavior, and changes in the business landscape. Additionally, technology itself is constantly evolving, and companies can no longer rely on a single technology solution for decades. Instead, they must be agile and adaptable, leveraging new technologies to deliver value to customers more quickly.

To succeed in this customer-focused environment, CTOs and CPOs must be adept at understanding the intersection of technology and customer value. They need to be able to identify emerging technologies that can enhance the customer experience and drive business outcomes. This requires a deep understanding of customer needs, as well as the ability to evaluate the risks and benefits of investing in new technologies.

The rate of change in technology and consumer trends has accelerated in recent years, making it even more crucial for CTOs and CPOs to stay ahead of the curve. Younger generations, in particular, are quick to adopt and discard new technologies, which puts pressure on companies to keep up with their evolving expectations. However, this rapid pace of change also presents opportunities for innovation and growth.

While embracing new technologies is important, CTOs and CPOs must also balance the potential risks and benefits. They need to consider the long-term value of investments and ensure that they align with business objectives. This requires a strategic mindset and the ability to make informed decisions about which technologies to pursue.

The role of the CTO and CPO has evolved to become more customer-focused and adaptable to change. The success of product and technology teams now hinges on their ability to understand customer needs, leverage emerging technologies, and deliver value quickly. By staying ahead of customer trends and investing in the right technologies, CTOs and CPOs can shape the customer experience and drive business outcomes.

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