WaPo Opinion: A seismic standoff over remote work is building

The pandemic finally seems to be easing its grip on the United States, nudging us back into public life, friendly visits, even travel. But going back to the office full-time?

According to most workers, the answer is simple: I would prefer not to.

Not yet. Not every day, anyway — and maybe not ever. If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that the old way of working left little room for living. Between our fragile mental health and a work world desperate to have us slot back in, something has to give. The obvious answer is a new model that allows for in-office, hybrid or fully remote work. But it’s an open question how many workplaces agree.

The Next Big Name in STEM Might Be a Four Year Old Girl

One Arlington organization is working to change that. Since 2015, Rosie Riveters has been on a mission to raise the rate of women working in STEM fields while boosting innovation through diversity training in the future workforce. Teaching technical skills and complex science may seem best suited to mature, higher education students, but for Rosie Riveter Director and Founder Brittany Greer, pre-school is the perfect place to start teaching girls.

Greg Kihlström Featured on the Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast

Greg is a best-selling author, speaker, and entrepreneur. He is currently Co-Founder at CareerGig, after selling his digital experience agency, Carousel30, in 2017.

Carousel30 was his marketing agency and he learned quite a bit about hiring freelancers. We talked briefly about the sale of Carousel30 and then moved into his current venture.