Indian Management: A win-win situation

This article was written by Greg Kihlström for Indian Management. You can view the article in full here. By focusing on both the needs of your
customers, as well as those of your employees, you can ensure that
everyone’s best interests are taken into consideration when making
decisions or driving forward key initiatives within your organisation.

Successfully achieving an agile martech strategy

As a marketer in today’s digital age, it can be difficult to keep up with
the ever-evolving marketing technology (martech) landscape. New processes, tools and strategies evolve quickly, making it challenging for marketers to remain viable in this competitive space. However, tackling martech goals
doesn’t have to seem impossible!

It’s Time for Digital Customer Service

This article was based on a transcript of The Agile Brand with Greg
Kihlström podcast. Today we’re going to talk about digital customer
service, and how it’s now essential for companies in every industry to
embrace it if they haven’t already started doing so. To help me discuss
this topic, I’d like to welcome Ragy Thomas, Founder & CEO, Sprinklr, a provider of enterprise software for customer experience management.