#87: Empathy-Driven Leadership

CX leaders are faced with one of the most difficult challenges in their organization.  They have small teams and limited positional authority and therefore need the support of others to make progress.

Patty Soltis, CCXP,  shares her wisdom from decades of experience leading change in great brands like Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, The Moffitt Cancer Center, and now in her role as a Senior CX Manager at Upwork.

In this episode:

  • Leading with Empathy

  • The Role of Emotions in Decision-Making

  • The importance of Detailed and Granular Information

  • Servant Leadership

  • Navigating Organizational Success

Learn how to treat your employees like your customers to improve the experience for your customers.

This episode is filled with practical tips and wisdom from a CX thought leader who has been there and done that and is still making a difference!


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