Generative AI: Effective Usage and Governance

Let’s discuss how to tell if you’re using generative AI effectively. Specifically, we’ll delve into governance of AI utilization, ensuring there is continuing innovation in AI usage, as well as how to think about effective measurement of your AI usage.

Continuous improvement and applying it to marketing

Continuous improvement is a process of constantly enhancing and refining
marketing strategies to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness. This approach allows marketers to stay competitive in the ever-changing landscape of the industry and ensure that they are consistently delivering value to their customers.

Aligning Marketing KPIs with Business KPIs

As a CMO or marketing leader, you are constantly striving to achieve and
measure success. In an effort to achieve that success, you may have defined a set of marketing key performance indicators (KPIs). But did you know that aligning your marketing KPIs with business KPIs can bring many benefits to your organization?