Driving organizational change with customer feedback

This article was based on the interview with Eric Smuda by Mark Slatin for The Delighted Customers Podcast with Mark Slatin. Listen to the original episode here:


Customer feedback is a powerful tool that can drive organizational change and ultimately lead to organic growth for a business.

In a podcast interview with Eric Smuda, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Likewise, he discussed the importance of customer feedback in shaping the company’s approach to delivering exceptional service to its clients and customers. Smuda highlighted the role of customer feedback in improving service quality, enhancing customer satisfaction, and building brand loyalty.

One of the key challenges faced by companies like Likewise is the lack of visibility into end user data, as it is often controlled by their customers. However, Smuda emphasized the importance of developing strong partnerships with clients to access relevant customer information needed to provide the best service possible. By understanding customer needs, wants, and expectations, companies can tailor their services to meet those requirements and drive positive outcomes for both the business and its customers.

Smuda also discussed the importance of embedding a customer-centric culture within the organization to ensure that all employees are focused on delivering exceptional experiences to clients and customers. By recognizing the dual focus of B2B and B2B2C relationships, companies can better understand their clients’ needs and build stronger partnerships that drive mutual growth and success.

In terms of turning customer feedback into actionable insights, Smuda highlighted the need for internal structures and governance to ensure that feedback is effectively captured, analyzed, and acted upon. By implementing processes to collect feedback at various touchpoints in the customer journey, companies can gain a deeper understanding of customer preferences and expectations, leading to more informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

Overall, Smuda’s insights underscore the importance of customer feedback in driving organizational change and fostering a customer-centric culture. By listening to customer feedback, companies can identify areas for improvement, drive operational excellence, and ultimately drive organic growth by delivering exceptional experiences that meet and exceed customer expectations. Customer feedback is a valuable asset that can drive positive change and help companies stay competitive in today’s dynamic business environment.

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