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Empowering employees to help customers creates better CX

This article was based on the interview with Sri Narasimhan by CVS Health by Greg Kihlström, MarTech keynote speaker for The Agile Brand with Greg Kihlström podcast. Listen to the original episode here:

The podcast interview highlights the significance of empowering employees to help customers in order to create a positive and impactful customer experience. Sri Narasimhan from CVS Health discusses the initiative called Helping with Heart, which focuses on surfacing positive intentions and actions among employees to enhance customer interactions. The speaker emphasizes that most employees have a strong desire to help people, especially in the healthcare industry where the impact on patients and customers can be profound.

The key takeaway from the podcast is the importance of making intentional efforts to train and reinforce positive behaviors among employees. By creating service actions and reminders, employees are encouraged to consistently provide excellent customer service, such as giving a warm greeting or showing empathy towards customers. The speaker emphasizes the need for continual training and reinforcement of these behaviors, even if employees already know how to do them, in order to maintain a high level of customer service.

Furthermore, the podcast discusses the critical link between colleague and customer experience. By empowering employees to unlock their positive intent and operate without constraints, organizations can create engaging interactions between employees and customers. The speaker highlights the importance of removing barriers that hinder employees from delivering exceptional service, allowing them to leverage their caring abilities and empathy to surprise and delight customers.

In addition, the role of technology in enabling employees to help customers is also discussed in the podcast. Technology plays a crucial role in facilitating interactions between employees and customers, whether through retail stores or phone interactions. By leveraging technology effectively, organizations can enhance the customer experience and empower employees to provide personalized and efficient service to customers.

The podcast discussion emphasizes the importance of empowering employees to help customers in order to drive organizational success and create a positive impact on customers’ lives. By prioritizing customer concerns, providing actionable feedback, and leveraging technology, organizations can create a culture of customer centricity and continuously improve the customer experience. Empowering employees to deliver exceptional service not only benefits the organization by driving customer loyalty and satisfaction but also enables employees to make a meaningful difference in the lives of customers.