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How customer and employee experience are interconnected

This article was based on the interview with Jon Picoult, author of From Impressed to Obsessed by Greg Kihlström for The Agile Brand with Greg Kihlström podcast. Listen to the original episode here:

As supported by much evidence over the years, there is a strong relationship between customer and employee experience, emphasizing the interconnectedness of the two. It argues that happy and engaged employees are crucial in creating happy and loyal customers. This virtuous cycle feeds on itself, resulting in a competitive advantage and the ability to shape the company’s future.

The podcast transcript highlights the importance of equipping and inspiring employees to deliver a great customer experience. It draws parallels between fostering engagement between a customer and a company and fostering engagement between an employee and a leader. The principles that contribute to a great customer experience, such as responsiveness, clear communication, genuine advocacy, and effortless interactions, can also be applied to create a great employee experience.

Leaders should enlist their employees, particularly frontline staff, in the customer experience improvement effort. By engaging employees in a dialogue and soliciting their ideas for improvement, leaders can make employees feel like strategic partners in the business, rather than just cogs in the wheel. This not only enhances the employee experience but also leads to valuable insights and ideas for improving the customer experience.

Taking action on the ideas and feedback provided by employees further enhances both the customer and employee experience. By capitalizing on the knowledge and expertise of frontline staff, businesses can remove obstacles and improve the overall quality of the customer experience. This, in turn, reinforces the sense of purpose and engagement among employees.

It is important to understand the interconnectedness of customer and employee experience and the importance of prioritizing and investing in both areas to drive business success. By creating a virtuous cycle of happy employees and loyal customers, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors and secure long-term growth and profitability. Leaders are encouraged to enlist their employees in the customer experience improvement effort, as this not only enhances the employee experience but also leads to valuable insights and ideas for improving the customer experience. By taking action on these ideas, businesses can elevate the experience of both customers and employees, ultimately driving shareholder value.

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House of the Customer by Greg Kihlström

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